Lessons For Ghana Entertainment Industry - Dr. Mensah Otabil Greater Works Conference

From all indications, the huge number of people in the main hall of the ICGC CHRIST TEMPLE EAST, the spills over, seeing focuses across the 16 locales, and from all over the world joining on the web agreed that the organisers nailed the seemingly impossible task of executing a near-immaculate event of such colossal proportions.

The modifiers in the former section might seem like a distortion, yet I dare say they are not.

In a nation where we have embraced unremarkableness in occasional association; where specialised misfires and poor starts are the "standard," GREATER WORKS merits extraordinary tribute.

WHY? For 5 days, the gathering 'talked' capability and greatness in various dialects; from general media quality and the stage, the board; to swarm control, security, and the general occasion, the executives from the top; all the way down to the orderlies in charge of stopping and the attendants managing monstrous groups with a consistent grin and delicate touchevery time.

Again, here are six examples that I believe Ghanaian media outlets, particularly show and celebration coordinators, could benefit from as another busy December approaches and Ghana is poised to become the dominant focal point on the continent.

Music, Shows, Performers, and Stage Management

Dr. Otabil devoted the initial segment of his message on Day 5 to approaching the stage and blessing the heads of the different music bunches from across the ICGC branches who drove the gestures of recognition and love for GW2022. The groups were overjoyed inside and outside the hall; the live talks on the web-based stream were advertised in understanding as well. Furthermore, which is all well and good.

Local from the various ICGC holy places across the country, the exhibitions were precise, succinct, lively when needed, relieving when needed, and all-around blessed.The GW Choir, led by Pastor Edwin Dadson and Ella; the ALL Choir, the Mass Choir, the ZAMAR band with FELA-like afro-jazz versions of evergreen African gospel top picks; that had London-based Nigerian Pastor, Matthew Ashimolowo loading acclaims on them; the soloists, Sandra Huson-Kelly, Perez Music, and the Afro Gospel Choir [hope I got the names right] set the ideal scene to get the Word and the Anointing of the Lord.

TIP: Sometimes local ability, when all around prepared, prepared, and enabled, can convey greatness faster than costly rethought ability could ever deliver.

And after that, the stage was the board; there was no awkwardness in the middle of exhibitions or speakers; MCs were quick and exact, joined by video acquaintances that left little to the imagination; all subtleties were caught and conveyed in arrangement as though completely practised over months.Having seen and been essential on numerous occasions over the previous ten years, I can unequivocally state that the stage the board was a complete masterclass.

Each event coordinator should go back and watch the YouTube re-runs on the various channels and learn something from them.


GW2022 has raised current expectations regarding the best way to carry out web-based spilling for the most extreme effect.Seeing focuses spread across each of the 16 areas of the nation tuned in and were essential for each moment of the meeting by means of web-based streaming. In the event that you watched the live transfers on YouTube from the ICGC channels and media accomplice channels, you saw start to finish consistent telecom.

save for brief breaks in the beginning phases of Day 1 and Day 2, which were immediately fixed. Flawless sound and video quality. No cushions.

From Accra to all of Ghana and the world.

A significant prompt to show coordinators: the main focus point from here is the elite general media nature of the live streams conveyed reliably over several days under extraordinary strain. Nicely done by the media group.

General media quality

I believe the name mentioned was Seyram.

Assuming the exhibitions were zapping, the sound was the stop that terminated them. Clear sound with each decibel significantly transmitted through the assembly room and outside to the spills that surpassed the numbers in the amphitheatre and were spread all over. Visuals were a key part that united everything; by what other means do you convey the blessing to thousands of people who are not in that frame of mind to feel it? Almost certainly, worldwide standard quality. It probably cost a fortune and a half.

Great sound isn't modest; incredible sound is costly, yet astounding sound is an extravagance few can manage; nonetheless, it is the stuff that international standard occasions are made of. So maybe in the event that you can't manage the cost of it, you should not acquire that global artist who is presumably taking up the entirety of your spending plan and then continue to give him terrible sound to work with. Contribute somewhere else. An insight worth heeding...


The Ghana Police Service procured an extraordinary notice from Dr. Otabil on Day 5 and it was merited; there weren't formally dressed men in front of you and being scary, yet most likely they were there, and their presence was felt in how secure everything was from stopping to getting spaces; swarm control inside and outside; not a solitary blip to the layman's eye; there may surely have been interior errors, yet none, so anybody might have felt unreliable. When you consider overseeing a huge number of different sorts of individuals every day for 5 days, and not a solitary vehicle was broken into; no sack was taken; and no show. credit to the security administration staff.

The event staff

Affable, always grinning; ever polite, even in tough spots, for example, individuals needing to drive their direction into the primary amphitheatre when it is full [ there were set apart signs showing this]. There were lots of individuals attempting to push their direction through and all yelling simultaneously with the most genuinely charged requests. However, no rawness was used; circumstances were carefully oversaw and contained; in particular, with a grin and a delicate 'No please'.No show. Acclaim the Lord.

The point here is self-evident.

THE Organization:

2 major keys to take advantage of.

First and foremost, every meeting kicked off on time for more than 5 days and through 9 meetings [morning and evening]. No specialised errors or late arrivals to cause setbacks; space opened to the public 2 hours before the start time; full in no less than 1 hour of the start time; the event begins and ends on time.Difficult to trust, right? All things considered, it occurred at GW2022.

The second significant key The restrooms were overcrowded; 10,000 people used them!Furthermore, there were lines [of course], but above all, it smelled new in there; in every case, clean; tissue paper never ran out; fluid cleanser distributors were never void or broken down.The water ran constantly. Is that all there is to it?

Praise be to Lady Joy Mensah Otabil, Chief Organizer, and her large group drawn from all ICGC branches across the country.

Following a successful GW2022, signs indicate that preparations for GW2023 have already begun.I'm nearly 100% sure that 2023 would be a significant enhancement to the outcome of 2022; as has been proclaimed, "It will be more glorious" in this new season.

This leaves us with one more prompt for all occasion coordinators; the finish of your last event is and ought to be the start of anticipating the next version.

Dr. deserves praise. Also, LADY JOY, MENSAH OTABIL, and the whole GW2022 group. All awards were properly procured.

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