Margaret Andega tells how she single-handedly made Shea Butter popular in the United States

As per Margaret Andega, a Kenyan business visionary in Atlanta, she was the main thrust behind the commercialization of Shea Butter in the US during the last part of the 90s.

In a meeting on AmeyawTV with Ameyaw Debrah (from her office complex in Atlanta, Georgia), Madam Andega shared her battles and victories as an African business visionary living the American dream.

Margaret's energy for African items and expressions developed into a full business thought when she established Afrocentric Network. It is a one-stop shop for African items, including garments for everyone.

At Afrocentric Network, Margaret Andega sources her items from various African nations, including Ghana, Kenya, Mali, and South Africa, to serve the requests of African-Americans in the United States.

Specifying how she found Shea Butter quite a while back and offered it to develop her business, Margaret said:

"With regards to Ghana, I ran over this astounding item they call shea margarine around 20 years ago. After how it treated my skin, I was resolved that everyone needs to utilise it.

"Despite the fact that I have long sold the organisation (shea spread making organization) that I began and is getting along admirably, I developed that item (shea margarine) from individuals not knowing it to practically without any assistance promoting it across every one of the United States," she added.

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