Sarkodie acknowledge the solid men in his team


The "Sarkodie brand" is one of the most impressive brands to at any point emerge from the music business in Ghana.

The B.E.T grant-winning rapper has cautiously and decisively sustained his image to the point where it justifies itself with real evidence.

Whereas his fans and individuals all around the world are conscious of Sarkodie, the substance of the brand, there are certain individuals in the background who have worked with the rapper, sharing thoughts and assisting him with building what has turned into a strong brand today.

Two individuals in Sarkodie's group who have held him down for more than 10 years and who are commonly known as Angeltown, his director, and DJ Mensah, his authority DJ.

Be that as it may, the "No Pressure" rapper, in a virtual entertainment post today, has uncovered the other strong gathering of five men, including Angeltown and DJ Mensah, who have remained close to him, had confidence in him and gotten him this far.

Sarkodie considers them the "driving force group".

"Engineer Group: Imagine having a super durable gathering of five to six individuals who meet routinely with the end goal of critical thinking, conceptualizing, organizing, empowering, and inspiring one another, and considering each other responsible for making a move to accomplish their objectives," he shared on Facebook.

"A brain gathering can be made up of individuals from your own industry or calling or individuals from various different backgrounds who have an unequivocal reason to achieve a goal," he added.

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In some cases, you simply need one individual to put stock in your dream and that is all there is to it and the rest won't come later Giving up ought to ever be a choice. There will be a few mishaps, yet push through, progress may be nearer than your thought process, "he closed."

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